Tornimäe law firm was founded by Mari-Ann Veiermann who has been practicing law for 25 years, over 20 years of which as an attorney at law.

Mari-Ann Veiermann has an extensive experience in dealing with various in-court as well as out-of-court legal disputes. Based on these experiences and continuous self-improvement, Tornimäe law firm is dedicated to continue serving its existing client base as well as accepting new clients.

The law firm is ready to resolve legal issues and disputes of individuals, companies, non - profit associations as well as administrative bodies and institutions. The firm always strives to ensure the most effective representation and protection of its clients’ interests.

The law firm advises clients in their contractual matters, in communication with state agencies and the rural municipality or city government, including Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and PRIA, prepares applications, challenges and complaints to the administrative court. The law firm also provides services in drafting lawsuits and applications to the General Court as well as representing clients in all court instances.

The positive feedback from our clients on the legal assistance is supported by the large share of returning clients.